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Wed, 04 Dec 2013 02:31

Wait, what!? An update?

Unfortunately, this is not the revival I mentioned in my post-mortem early this year. This is simply a change to the archive structure. I'm no longer going to host CBCL's archives on Toybox Monolith, and instead am going to upload the 9 pages of the prologue which I finished, and make it so that the Smackjeeves site no longer redirects to Toybox Monolith.

So what have I been up to lately, if not CBCL? Well, I moved out of Lincoln, Nebraska last year. I've been studying at DigiPen Institute of Technology in the field of video game design in Redmond, WA. I'm now almost midway through my sophomore year, and still loving every day of it. I've made 2 games so far, and am working on 2 others - a teambuilding exercise for one and a commercial JRPG for the other, which is tentatively scheduled to go live on Toybox Monolith sometime next summer.

I've also been collaborating with Connor Anderson on an original comic, Vulcan Z. Vulcan Z's about giant robots and monsters reminiscent of the old Godzilla movies and Ultraman show. If you find that interesting, please check it out either on Smackjeeves(Updates weekly) or on Toybox Monolith(Updates when a full issue's done).

Aside from that, I've quite honestly been going through a hard year - a little before Christmas last year, I lost my grandmother to cancer, so I've been dealing with depression as well as family drama, which are both really hard to cope with when your family is over 1600 miles away.

So all in all, I'm doing way better than I was when I first wrote that I was putting Cursed Bluto's Crazy Life on the shelf, but I'm nowhere near a position to work on it. Who knows, though? Maybe 2014 will afford me the time to go back to Bluto, Tetris Man, and the others, and do the comic the justice I feel it deserves.

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