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New Millenium - 1

Wed, 04 Dec 2013 02:21

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Author's Comments:

CursedBluto, Fri, 06 Dec 2013 13:48

CBCL Prologue - Generation of Steel
Generation of Steel was meant to herald the reboot of CBCL - instead of starting off with Bluto and his Mary Sue-like antics, I decided I wanted to start with a 50 page pseudo-8-bit styled prologue taking place during the events of the original Mega Man game.

So for the first week, things were going fine - I had a buffer of 9 comics going out of 50 planned. I even had scripts up to comic 20. then I had a road trip with my family from Nebraska to Washington to get to my college housing, and I simply didn't have time to work on the road or when I got to DigiPen. several times I tried to get back into working on it or the pages of rebooted CBCL, but it felt like too much time was required when I had game projects, programming assignments, and other classwork to do.

Then, last December, right after I got home for the holidays, I lost my grandmother to cancer. she and I were very close, so this was a devastating development. I spent most of what was supposed to be my resting time dealing with funeral arrangements and drama with my extended family, so I came to DigiPen even more burnt out than when I left. At the same time as I shelved CBCL, I also had to drop several important classes from my schedule, and even that didn't prevent me from failing a couple classes and nearly bombing my second game project. Even now I'm dealing with backlash from depression and stress, unfortunately.

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