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CBCL - Post-Mortem

Sun, 13 Jan 2013 16:45

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Author's Comments:

CursedBluto, Sun, 13 Jan 2013 16:45

Wow. The time I thought I’d have for Generation of Steel just melted away, and with it, the CBCL reboot. There was so much I wanted to do with it, to tell an epic story about Cursed Bluto and friends, but I think I’m finally coming to terms with it – nobody really CARED for the story I wanted to share. I had to prod readers to give me feedback, to even look at Cursed Bluto’s Crazy Life. And it ALWAYS felt like beating a dead horse. I think it was because I insisted on moving from sprites to hand-drawn; It wasn’t that it was a bad thing to do so, but I started taking too long between updates. And with the reboots, I don’t feel like anyone really cared to listen to the story I wanted to tell when they would have to sit through more of the same first. I don’t want to go back to sprites, but I also don’t think I could get it to return to what it used to be. It needs the full treatment that TBM is presently giving to other projects, and I can’t commit the time to make CBCL good again, after almost 6 years of continually trying. So as of today, I consider CBCL dead until I can commit the time and love necessary for it to be the story I wanted it to be, which is not in the foreseeable future. I think this will be for the better, though. Besides, I don’t think I want to work with someone else’s intellectual property right now(especially not Capcom; lately they have done some things that will take time for me to forgive).

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