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Main Characters

Cursed Bluto

AKA: Chris 'Cursed Bluto' K.
Cursed Bluto is a bit of a child prodigy; he can work through any amount of programming with a suitable volume of caffeine. He had always had a knack for adventure, and eventually collected the courage to pull off what could be considered the most successful attempt at world domination to date. He has managed to build nine elite Robot Masters, captured the legendary Master Chief, and even stolen Megaman's upgraded MegaBuster for his own use. Why he has done all this has yet to be revealed.

Mega Man

AKA: Rock Light
Mega Man is a well-known hero to all, having saved the world from Wily's potential rule roughly 15 times now. He and his family are somewhat close-knit, save for his brother, Proto Man, who has a knack for traveling the world on his own. Being a robot, Mega Man can charge into danger head-on and (usually) come out unscathed.

Proto Man

AKA: Blues Light
Proto Man is the solitary sort, and leaves Mega Man�s life once he�s out of whatever danger there may be. Due to a malfunction in his power core, he can�t get into anything too intense without involuntarily shutting down, and will probably destroy himself if he exerts too much effort.


AKA: Forte Wily
After taking a sixth swing at world domination, Dr. Wily built Bass, a replica of Mega Man with stolen upgrades and a much more powerful weapons system. After an incident with another of Wily's creations, King, Bass became more independent and started fighting only for himself. He generally sticks to offense, but with hard work can be coaxed to attempt defensive tactics. He is cunning when need be, and has convinced Mega Man to trust him at times, only to backstab him. He and Mega Man are unofficial partners and will fight as a team when they are clearly outmatched.

Robot Masters

[CBN - 001]

Tetris Man

Tetris-themed robot. Built and designed by USSR before disbanding, reused by Cursed Bluto as a Robot Master years later.

Weapon: Tetris Shot
Draws a Tetris block from a tract of hyperspace. Can be commanded by user to follow a given trajectory.

[CBN - 002]

Vulnerable Man

A strange robot found in Dr. Wily's basement, Vulnerable Man is thought to have been a vigilante robot from before Wily attempted world domination a second time.

Weapon: Ceiling Grapple
Grapples the user to the ceiling, where it is extremely difficult to be struck, but much more dangerous because of the inability to move afterwards without cutting the grapple.
[CBN - 003]

Aztec Man

An archaeological robot built for the sole purpose of discovering more about ancient Latin American civilizations, Aztec Man has been pre-programmed with information about each civilization. Unknown to his designer, that included combat skills, which Cursed Bluto found when salvaging old data from Wily's fortress lab.

Weapon: Unknown at this time
[CBN - 004]

Lightspeed Man

Lightspeed Man is a heavily enhanced duplicate of Quick Man, armored enough to go supersonic without being destroyed. Unlike his predecessor, Lightspeed Man's primary weapon is to create a sonicboom and heavily damage anything around him. His weakness is not being able to move, because his atomic structure is very unstable due to the amazing speeds he travels at.

Weapon: Lightspeed Dash
The user can accelerate to breakneck speeds and create sonicbooms.
[CBN - 005]

Brain Man

Brain Man was actually Dr. Wily's supercomputer, but Bluto modified it to run a robot body while still operating at base. His weak spot is the latched container, which holds a synthetic input device, similar in appearance and fragility to a human brain, hence the name.

Weapon: Brain Connect
The user can use Dr. Wily's supercomputer to their own ends, which is preprogrammed with lots of information including weapon and armor designs, project files, and even Dr. Wily's secret recipe for chili.
[CBN - 006]

Element Man

Element Man was actually an experimental robot Cursed Bluto found in R&D, with the ability to turn hot to cold, and then convert that to electricity, then back again. Bluto finished his body, equipped with a heat and cold resistant alloy and hardware that couldn't be reset with high voltage.

Weapon: Elemental Conversion
The user can shoot fire, electricity, or ice, depending on which of the three settings is selected.
[CBN - 007]

Crush Man

Crush Man is actually a noble robot at heart, but his menacing claw says differently. He's zealous to a fault, and will destroy anyone in his way. Unlike most Wily robots, he's a mute.

Weapon: Crush Claw
The user can create a field of energy to use as a claw and flatten anything in its grasp.
[CBN - 008]

Corpse Man

An evil spirit seeking the awesome power of the Chaos Heart, Cursed Bluto managed to convert him into data and force him into a then-empty body of Mega Man. Corpse Man is trapped in this metal shell until the body is destroyed.
Weapon: Chaos Conduit
The user can manipulate and extract creatures of shadow from the archival layers of the Chaos Heart or channel direct energy from it to manipulate the universe.
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